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Katsura Kotaro should be used to these sorts of things by now, and he pretty much is, but these new locations never cease to amaze him (despite how normal and serene he might look on the outside). Being taken out of his not-so-average every day life in Edo into a whole different city, and without sign of anyone he knew (sans Elizabeth) either, is pretty disorienting.

Still, he supposes he has to adjust. It’s not the first time something like this happened where he’s lost and unsure of what to do; especially without someone like Gintoki being the cause of it (at least as far as he knows, that man has nothing to do with this). So, there he is with his new penguin sized Amanto, walking along the sidewalks of where he resides; sector two.

It’s not a very appealing place, but it’s not like he has anything better to do. Besides, he can eventually go around the other sectors and find out what he wants all in due time. For now, without any sign of immediate danger around, he can focus on relaxing!

Though, he can’t relax for much longer after stubbing his toe against a rock in his path.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I’ve been hit— mayday, mayday!” Suddenly, Katsura dramatically falls onto the ground as if hit by a fatal attack in some MMORPG, lying there for a few seconds before weakly raising his trembling head.


Slowly, but desperately, he crawls against the ground, shaking hands reaching up to grab the legs of the nearest person. He turns his head upward, hoping he got their attention and breathes out, "Please, dear citizen….. Call for a doctor, amputate my leg, anything to end my pain and suffering of a sad stubbed toe! If I die, please take care of my dear little ‘Zabeth………….."

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Katsura Kotarou

"Zura Ja Nai, Katsura Da."

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But as a result, I was able to evade the Shinsengumi’s pursuit. A fortunate turn of events, or as they say, shit happens.

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I’d like to stay here, thanks

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Yaru nara ima shika ne~


Yaru nara ima shika ne~


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Hai, sore ga fukusho.

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